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Prince Vegeta

Vegeta first comes in the picture when Radditz seems to be losing his battle with the strongest team, Goku and Picollo. He and his henchman Nappa overhear Radditz and Picollo talking about the dragonballs that will revive Goku. From that point on it is Vegeta's goal to find these mysterious balls to wish for immortality. He seems to be eager to destroy Freeza, as if he knows what we found out about his planet. He arrives on earth and, of course, fights Goku, but after Yajirobi cuts off his tail as Oozaru, he didn't stand a chance and made it to his spaceship because Krillin spared him. He returns on Namek to, once again, collect the dragonballs so Porunga can grant his wish. Unfortunatly his wish can not become reality and he is killed by Freeza. (more to come)

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