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Dende is a small Namek who is first met by Freeza.
Freeza tries to start trouble with him but Gohan
and Krillin save him and run away. Gohan and
Dende become great friends. Dende becomes very useful
during battle too, for 2 reasons.
One he has a healing ability and two he speaks Namekian which is the language used to make wishes with Namek's Eternal Dragon. Freeza kills Dende later on but Mr.
Popo wishes back everyone who has been killed by Freeza. Dende then makes a wish to transport everyone
besides Freeza and Goku to planet Earth, were Dende and all the other Nameks stay for about 2 years. Then they move to a different planet to live peacefully. Dende, too me, is one of the best characters in the show. Because of his healing technique, in which no one else has.