Dragonball AF

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DragonBall AF

DragonBall Af is a new Dragon Ball series being developed in Japan right at this moment. The series is supposed to be called "Dragon Ball AF" and the AF is supposed to stand for 1. After Future, 2. Alternate Future, 3. Another Future most likely (1). I looked up more information about this situation from much larger more in depth sites and I found out several things. Each sort of different, but the majority of them call this new series a freaking hoax, or a idea by Akira Toriyama made awhile ago which never flew and also some say it is very real. Which it might be, but everyone has different oppions. In Dragon Ball AF Raditz is back as a Super Saiya-jin even goes SSJ 3, Freiza and Kooler fuse, Cell absorbs Android 8, Goku goes Super Saiya-jin level 5 and then 6 also goku learns how to fuse with 3 people. If this show is not a hit in Japan, there is not going to be a chance that it's going to come to North America, sorry to all you hardcore DB fans. I have cellected a bunch of DragonBall AF Pics and some Gifs Check them out Here. This hole thing is not a very detailed discription but why would you need a detailed one. This one is good because it has all you need to know and pritty much all there is to know about DragonBall AF. Also one more thing don't be to worried that it isn't true because every one thought that DragonBall GT was fake too but no, it wasn't, it was very real!